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Climate activism is back – and we need you to be a part of it

Mass Action Planning Meeting
Saturday February 18th
10 – 4pm
Venue: Turl Street Kitchen
We warmed-up in January – now it’s time to step it up a gear! Come to Oxford on Saturday 18th February to plan for a major climate action in May.  The target will be the ‘Big 6’ energy companies that have a monopoly over UK energy. The rest is still to be decided. Organised by Climate Justice Collective (CJC), this is a chance for activists, old and new, to start putting climate change back on the national agenda.
Heard of us?  Been out of the loop?  Feeling the need for some climate activism?  Fancy being a part of an exciting action?  Then come along.  We’ll need all the help we can get.

There is crash space (email, food, and a lovely social – we look forward to seeing you there. The day will run from 10-4pm in the Turl Street Kitchen – please be prompt as there’s lots to do.

CJC Gathering
Sunday February 19th
10 – 4pm
Venue: OARC, East Oxford Community Centre, OX4 1DD
If you’re interested in the group organising this, then stay for the weekend and Sunday will be a chance to participate in the CJC gathering, to work out how to build our network and continue the work we’ve been doing on how we organise.
Email with any other questions.
Please RSVP to and say if you need crash space,  special facilities or have dietary requirements.
The meeting will be to discuss and decide:
– How are we going to get new people involved
– How are we going to organise together as a collective
– How will the practicalities work for things like: induction, details of membership and inclusion etcAgenda (still to be finalised)

1. What will CJC do next (3 hours)

  • ‘Energy justice/democracy discussion’

Following on from Fuel Poverty Action and Big 6 action, reflect on longer term political aims (This is one of the things we included in our priorities for the year)

  • What actions could we do, what other working groups might we need?

2. Building the CJC network (2 hours)

  • Outreach/publicity(promoting CJC and getting more people involved)
  • Local groups/national network (how to get local groups set-up. how to organise nationally, ie how often to meet etc.)
  • Membership/openness (setting up processes ie induction, membership, inclusion in group etc.)

Climate activism is back – and we need you to be a part of it


5 responses to “Climate activism is back – and we need you to be a part of it

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  2. Privilege check. I’m glad this is happening, but, uh, I think people have globally continued to do climate activism on a hundred different fronts with a million different tactics without climate camp and similar big events. That’s not to say that this organising event won’t likely aid co-ordination and impressive action, but I don’t think you get to declare “climate actiivism is back”. It’s just that you’re back to climate activism.

    • It’s a fair cop. The callout was put together quite quickly and this point was raised on the email list after it had gone out… Hopefully it can be read as overexuberance rather than genuine narcissism. Though I realise the critique of callout-and-response mass action runs deeper!

      Having said that perhaps a less political but more practical point is that nothing’s actually been organised yet 🙂

      Jonathan (one of CJC)

      • Sudaka ⋅

        I have to agree with Harry and the title and Johnathan’s response shows to me CJC’s approach to activism does not feel exactly grassrootss.. It is wrong to assume ‘nothing has been organized’ only because they’re LOCAL actions – are you going to support Hinkley occupation, for instance? Activism requires organization, BUT be careful to fall into doing things without criticizing our capitalist mentality.. like to think that “social change comes from a fashionable parade of thousands of people”… it’s not like that..

      • To be clear: I wasn’t saying that nothing has been organised anywhere in the country/world but that nothing has been organised for this particular action yet!

        I’m sure most people at the meeting will be involved in regular local actions and fully support that form of action. Also, we’ll definitely be talking about the Hinkley occupation on the Sunday as we’ve been asked to ‘support’ the weekend action in March, whatever use that would be (us supporting it, not the action itself. The action itself will be VERY useful!).

        As I’ve said, I didn’t like the original callout for these very reasons. I’ve left it up rather than editing it so people can see the useful comments here in context – they’re part of the ongoing debate within the movement about national v local action. Notwithstanding the points above, I would say CJC thinks both forms of action are a valuable part of a diversity of tactics 🙂


        PS. I personally dislike the ‘come and do this, climate activism is really cool’ approach. But it does appeal to some people. I’m sure we will be discussing that too this weekend!

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