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Climate Justice Collective Meeting

Climate Justice Collective Meeting

Saturday, December 3rd and Sunday, December 4th

The Grayston Centre, 28 Charles Square, London, N1 6HT

With groups and people interested from Manchester, Bristol, Oxford and London, the Climate Justice Collective will be holding its next meeting to discuss what to focus on and how to move forward as an aspiring UK-wide collective.

We’ve already started meeting and taking action on fuel poverty in London, Leeds and Bristol with exciting plans for the coming months and some of our members have also been involved in the amazing Frack-off ( and the Occupy movement (

CJC is learning, developing and feeling our way as we go. We’ve already agreed on our common ground and guiding principles (the latter is a working document and slight changes are still to be made) and these will be introduced to new people on both days. If they don’t sound right for you but you’re interested in similar issues we hope to find other ways of working together in the future.

Below is more information about the weekend. Please forward to relevant networks.

Hope to see you there!


The meeting will run from 3:30 – 7.30pm on Saturday 3rd December and 10am-4pm on Sunday 4th December.

We’re starting in the afternoon on Saturday so that we can take part in London activities as part of the international day of action for climate justice. There’s a teach-out and walk of shame from Occupy St Paul’s from 10:30am and the national climate march in the afternoon (meet at Blackfriars Bridge North at 1pm).


If you’re coming from outside of London and will need crash space, let us know! Email:


We will do a travel pool over the weekend for people coming from further afield.


Dinner will be provided on Saturday and lunch on Sunday.


The agenda is flexible but will be loosely structured as follows:

SATURDAY 2:00 – 7:30pm followed by dinner and socialising

2 – 3pm Introduction to CJC

For anyone who wants to become a member of CJC but didn’t make the last meeting. There will be another introduction over lunch on Sunday.

Please note: it’s not necessary to attend this session if you were at the last meeting at Tottenham Chances, as it will just be an introduction to the political and organising principles we talked about then.

3:30 – 6:30pm What should we do?!

Feel free to join in from here if you’re coming from the climate march and international day of action! 

Idea storm and discussion: What do people from around the country want to focus on? So think about what you’d like to do and come with ideas!

We are already working on fuel poverty and fracking and at the last meeting we started discussing how to strengthen co-ordination between campaigns on different dirty energy sources.

6:30 – 7:30pm Introduction process

It was agreed at New Directions 2 in September that to join CJC as a member there would be a more formalised, transparent and accountable induction process. This session will discuss this further with the aim of deciding how this will work in practice.

SUNDAY 10:00 – 4:00pm

Exact timings have yet to be decided

10 – 2pm

  • Recap of Saturday
  • Discussions and decisions on how we work together around the country, including questions such as:

– Do we want to have different local groups that occasionally meet up?

– If we want to meet nationally, how often would we do that?

– Do we want a system of spokes and how do we see this working?

– How will we work in relation to network-wide projects?

And there are surely many more that will arise!

  • Working group and project group time

Any new working and project groups will form and meet here. The Fuel Poverty project group will plan for the Warm-Ins day of action in January.

2pm Lunch

Including introduction to CJC for anyone who wants to join but couldn’t make the Saturday session

2:45 – 4pm

  • Working group / project group time continued
  •  Whole group decision-making time
  •  Future meetings
  • Wrapping up

Hope to see you there!


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